Think we're exaggerating? Ask the Emmy® Awards Committee....

We just won a Technical Achievement Emmy® Statuette, but in order to do so, we had to prove to the satis­fac­tion of the Academy (NATAS) that FrameForge Previz Studio had, among other things, a proven track record of saving productions time and money.

In fact, this was one of the key criteria for being considered this honor.

However, thanks to the huge number of users who came forward with their stories of how it's done exactly that for their own productions, we got the award!

By using FrameForge to previs my entire film, we cut the production cost by about 30%...!

Sankalp, Director - Krystal 3C Studio, India

FrameForge turns guesswork into hard facts that can tell you what you really need in order to shoot your project, and what you don’t.

House Build

FrameForge users often discover that whole areas of sets they were going to build, or locations they were scouting, would never have actually be seen on screen... one company told us they estimated they saved over $50,000 in avoided construction costs by fully previsualizing their project in FrameForge.

Similarly, a thorough previsualization can also yield valuable information for set dressing, or identify areas where even a slight change in angle can avoid costly builds, VFX object removal, and a host of other expenses.

We were on a very tight budget. In fact, my partner and I totally risked everything and financed our last film by using six credit cards.

Linda Nelson, Award-Winning Producer CEO/Nelson Madison Films/Indie Rights USA

Delivered Poster

This was a very ambitious project. Entitled Delivered, it was a SAG ultra-low budget, with a 28 day shoot covering 22 locations, a big cast and absolutely no room for wasted time.

Along with Michael Madison, Linda’s partner and the director of the film, they decided that the best way to save time and money was to be totally prepared so that when they went on set, everyone would know exactly what to do.

A big part of that planning involved using FrameForge to storyboard the whole film. Beyond creating the sets and using them to arrange for camera placement, they created animated videos of all major scenes which truly allowed them to “see” the movie before they shot it. And, on set, they always had their binder with still shots and their camera information generated by FrameForge.

All this hard work paid off, as they made EVERY SINGLE SHOOTING DAY they had planned, and the film won a coveted Special Jury Award at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

After storyboarding and sequencing my movie with FrameForge, I realized that I had put an inserted scene in an awkward place.

-- Fred B. Smith, Writer-Director & Co-Producer, Vital Forces Productions (NYC) Films (”Color of Truth”)

Because FrameForge lets you produce full animatics and actually see the flow of scenes and story, the process of producing storyboards in FrameForge often helps you catch story and plotting issues that would have resulted in expensive reshoots or wasted material.


Fred B. Smith goes on to explain that having realized his story flow issue, he “not only moved this scene to a later point in the story, but also went back and rearranged the script and had his production manager adjust the shooting schedule.”

And because this was all worked out in preproduction, the film became dramatically stronger, editing problems were avoided,and the production schedule was adjusted long before doing so presented any problems.

“FrameForge is great for making what used to be post-production editing changes but doing them during the pre-production phase.

What a time and money-saver!”

To put every dollar on the screen and maximize every second of your shoot, there’s absolutely nothing like FrameForge Previz Studio.

Jacques Haitkin, Cinematographer

Jacques Haitkin

Legendary Cinematographer Jacques Haitkin has lensed well over seventy-five projects and says that “regardless of budget, there’s one thing they’ve all had in common: we’re always trying to balance artistry with economy.

"Solid prep is the key, and to give your prep an incredible creative edge, one that will elevate the process on all levels, there’s absolutely nothing like FrameForge Previz Studio.

"Since I first started using FrameForge Previz Studio to do full 3D previsualization on Herbie: Fully Loaded,

"We even use it real-time in meetings, and the stunt guys make suggestions, and we move the camera around to spitball new ideas. FrameForge Previz Studio is one of those tools that you start using and you think to yourself, how the hell did I ever live without it?”

FrameForge helped so many departments determine exactly what we’d need for a complicated sequence in the beginning of The Hangover, Part III.

Robert Stadd, VFX Supervisor Los Angeles

Now, you may not have a complex VFX Sequence with a giraffe and a freeway overpass, but FrameForge’s optically accurate planning opens up levels of communication that have never existed with traditional storyboards because FrameForge gives you the tools and info to work out concrete issues, not just discuss abstract images.


Robert Stadd again: “What was great, was being able to correctly determine the camera angles in preproduction so that we knew exactly what we’d be seeing in the frame."

This helped so many departments determine what they needed to do:

  • The size of the trailer he’d be in (production design)
  • The height of the trailer hitch (picture car)
  • The lens the DP was going to use (camera)
  • And of course, the comedic elements (director)
Using FrameForge is like having 20/20 hindsight, and using it was essential for my film's success.

VW Scheich, Award-Winning Writer/Director

VW Scheich’s film Wallenda was ambitious from the very start, since it was shot entirely against a green screen, and all the distinctive backgrounds were created in CG.

Preparing it in FrameForge effectively allowed the film to be pre-shot, and gave the production team the “hindsight” to avoid issues that were discovered during the prep.

Wallenda Images

Because of the nature of the shoot, the production team used the program to produce two sets of storyboards. One set had the practical green screen--for the technical team, which enabled them to be extremely efficient with planning and getting ready for the next setup. And the other set had the composited image so the cast could better imagine the “look” of the scene after the CG environments that would be composited in the shot during post, which helped inspire them with their acting choices.

The printed storyboards were also used for planning each day’s work, and allowed the producers to strategize ways to combine shots which saved even more time on set.

It also not only gave the VFX team a jump start on doing their modeling work, but it also gave them images and data to know exactly what was wanted for each shot and setup. This, in turn, enabled them to plan which elements of the sets needed to be built at full resolution, and which parts could be built in a simpler way to capture reflections and indirect lighting, saving them a lot of time and money.

FrameForge was also able to create CG storyboards faster than the CG department, and at a fraction of the cost, while also allowing for far easier and cheaper revisions.

Director VW Scheich said that “One of the best decisions I made on Wallenda was using FrameForge Previz Studio at the start of my project, as it saved me crucial time and money and was essential for the project’s success,” which now includes two best short film awards & an audience favorite award at major international festivals, qualifying it for the Oscars® in the short films category.

You can't buy time, but you can certainly make the most of it. And FrameForge will help you do exactly that.

Don't you want more time to focus on the creative elements: the best lighting, the strongest performance, and the most affecting images possible?

Because FrameForge users routinely credit the program with helping them do all that and more.

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